[asterisk-users] Peer is UNREACHABLE

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Thu May 28 15:21:59 CDT 2015

> > What kind of phone are we talking about, both yours that works and 
> > wife's that does not?
> Right!
> > Can you ping the unreachable phone and does it respond to a ping?
> I can ping both phones from the VM
> > Many phones will have a network test function built in to them to help 
> > determine if the phone is properly connected to the network.
> Unfortunately not that...
> I tried with Twinkle from my PC, using the same account of my wife
> (configured IDENTICALLY to my account, just another username). It don't
> work...
> I presume, I configured something wrong in Asterisk...
> > Do you see anything in the asterisk logs or the logs of the phone 
> > (providing the phone puts logs somewhere) that indicate a failure to 
> > register or to resolve the ip address of the asterisk server?
> Unfortunately not... Just UNREACHABLE...

Can you post the Manufacturer and Model of your phones (both of them if 
they are different)? That will help us look up what diagnostics/log files 
there might be on the phones.

Does the Twinkle software on the PC show any error messages?

If you watch the CLI in asterisk, does anything go by in there regarding a 
failed registration? If I get one of my phones programmed with an 
incorrect username/secret, it will try to register with the server, but 
can't. Those failed registrations do show up in the CLI.

Double check that you are not mistyping the credentials somewhere. If you 
do post the relevant parts of your config in here, you might want to 
obscure the secret.
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