[asterisk-users] Peer is UNREACHABLE

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Thu May 28 15:29:55 CDT 2015

Kevin Larsen <kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com> schrieb:

> Can you post the Manufacturer and Model of your phones (both of them if 
> they are different)? That will help us look up what diagnostics/log files 
> there might be on the phones.

Of course!
My phone is a Thomson ST2022 and my wife has a KE1020A

> Does the Twinkle software on the PC show any error messages?

Nope, just trying and then say "unable to connect"...

> If you watch the CLI in asterisk, does anything go by in there regarding a 
> failed registration? If I get one of my phones programmed with an 
> incorrect username/secret, it will try to register with the server, but 
> can't. Those failed registrations do show up in the CLI.

That's very strange... I expected these errors, but in the console I can't
see anything...

SOMETIMES, but just sometimes, if the phone of my wife tries to connect, I
see something like "connecting from" (I can't find the error
message anymore), and then:

[May 28 21:46:27] NOTICE[3592] chan_sip.c: Peer '00493512222222' is now
UNREACHABLE!  Last qualify: 0

> Double check that you are not mistyping the credentials somewhere. If you 
> do post the relevant parts of your config in here, you might want to 
> obscure the secret.

Which part of the configuration do you need?

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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