[asterisk-users] Meetme and MEETME_EXIT_CONTEXT

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Feb 21 03:21:04 CST 2013

> Hello,
> what is the equivalent parameter of X in the ConfBridge()-command ?
> How can you exit ConfBridge by pressing a digit ?
> Concerning MeetMe() :
> Verbosity is 25 and I still don't see anything on the console or in 
> the logs when pressing '0' (zero).
> Kind regards,
> Jonas.
> On 02/20/2013 03:32 PM, Rusty Newton wrote:
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>>> From: "Jonas Kellens"<jonas.kellens at telenet.be>
>>> But nothing happens when pressing 0 (zero).
>> Why not check the logs in /var/log/asterisk/full ?.  Make sure you have the full log enabled in logger.conf and that you have VERBOSE,DEBUG,DTMF type messages going to it.  You can also push those to the console and watch what happens when you press zero. On the console be sure to turn up verbosity with "core set verbose 5"
>> If you can't tell what is happening, post a pastebin link to the log and point out (via timestamp or otherwise) where you would expect to see the DTMF digit. Maybe someone will be able to take a look.
>> I'd also really recommend using ConfBridge which is newer than MeetMe. If you switch to ConfBridge I'd recommend an upgrade to the latest 1.8.X as well.

> Please don't top post (https://www.asterisk.org/community/discuss).  Also, you
> didn't pastebin any debug, so I can't confirm that there is not some other
> issue upon a possible DTMF reception.
> If it is the case that Asterisk doesn't detect a DTMF 0 when you send it from
> the endpoint, then you probably want to look at a SIP packet capture to verify
> the endpoint is actually sending the DTMF to Asterisk. What you look for in the
> capture or audio will depend on what kind of DTMF you are sending with the
> endpoint.
> Does Asterisk detect the digit 0 at any other time outside of MeetMe?
> Can you setup an extension matching for 1234567890 and dial that?
> Do you see DTMF debug for all those digits?
> If you do end up trying ConfBridge - I've never used it in 1.8. Others have
> made me aware that ConfBridge wasn't the best in 1.8, and that it's much better
> in 10 or preferably 11.
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I've tried now from Cisco SPA 508G and from Yealink T-28 to exit 
Meetme() by pressing '0' (zero) but no success.

As I said, to log in I need to give password 12340 and that goes very 
well ! Once inside the conference room, I can press any digit : nothing 
happens. Nothing in the logs about DTMF being received.

To exit the whole conferencing thing I can press # and that also 
succeeds ! So I don't think it has anything to do with DTMF-troubles.

I've taken a pcap trace on the Yealink T-28. Where can I find the DTMF ? 
I can filter SIP, but no DTMF. To check if they were well send...

Kind regards,

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