[Asterisk-biz] VoipJet's Prices are Low but we do NOT sell below cost -- (which is against the law)

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Sun Nov 21 07:44:26 MST 2004

Alex: at least there is a silver lining to your posts, namely it is good advertising for us.  Again, I must set the record straight.  We don't sell below cost.  In fact, we make a relatively large margin on all calls.  Like most companies, we make more on USA traffic than international routes (measured as a %).

I would like to let our customers know that we welcome your non-rboc traffic, and we ask you to please keep sending it.  It accounts for a significant portion of our profit and we expect it to be a significant source of growth in the future.

Yes, it is true that our prices might seem low -- and that is because we have no minimum call requirement.  Customers with excess of 1 million minutes can shop the market and get non-rboc termination for less than 1.3 cents.  In fact, they can get just about any country for less than what we charge.  But they stick with us because we have spent the time necessary to find out which carriers have quality to which countries.  That's really what we are selling.  You can find a much cheaper route to India than us, but you aren't going to find one that is consistently as clear and crisp.

FYI, VoipJet will be adding more carriers soon and will be blending not based on "least cost routing" but rather "highest quality routing".  Still, we will probably be the least expensive provider for anyone who has volume < 100,000 minutes a month and can't shop the market (negotiate) effectively.  We at VoipJet have one price, and everyone gets that price.  If we drop it for a large customer then it drops for everyone.

Hopefully, this is the end of this discussion.  


VoipJet Inc. Support

P.S. Hopefully we won't be assailed with comments of 'aggressive expansion' we when open new locations such as Los Angeles shortly. We sell above cost and only expand where we see a need.
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