[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination -- VOIPJET VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING A RECENT POST

Chris A. Icide chris at netgeeks.net
Sun Nov 21 01:43:07 MST 2004

On 08:46 PM 11/20/2004, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
 >While you are on it, please explain to uneducated public just how can you
 >terminate calls to NECA (Tariff 5) rural carriers for 1.3c/minute. I am
 >saying it cannot be done [legally]. You can read the tariff here for
 >yourself:  http://www.neca.org/media/tariff5.pdf section 17.2.3 rate band
 >8 - tariff is 1.9c/min. That's what rural telcos charge to terminate calls
 >onto their network, and that's what *someone* has to pay.

It doesn't mean that VoipJet MUST charge their customers 1.9 cents for NECA 

 >I don't have a problem with you. I do have a problem when people
 >intentionally sell under their cost and try to claim they are making
 >money - it does not make a good competition.

I don't understand how you know what VoipJet's business plan looks like.  I 
don't understand how you know what thier traffic looks like and whether or 
not they are making a profit.  Do you have access to their financial 
records?  How can you tell if they are making a profit or not?  Maybe they 
have a outbound customer that makes New York calls for a few million 
minutes a month?  Maybe thier ratio of calls with a cost of under 1 cent is 
100 times larger than calls that cost them 1.9 cents?

I don't understand why you are slandering them?  Are you a VoipJet 
user?  Did you find their service poor?  Did they burn you?

I have a VoipJet account, however I quit using it because there was about a 
three-quarter of a second delay round trip and a lot of people complained 
about it.  I went back to using Voicepulse.  However I'll try VoipJet again 
sometime to see if the delay is gone.


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