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mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Fri Nov 5 05:05:15 MST 2004

We are using solely Asterisk for our inbound-outbound call centers. We have
3 locations running on 8 Asterisk servers with over 160 seats total. Inbound
is easy with Asterisk-only dialplans and queues, but for outbound we use
VICIDIAL http://astguiclient.sf.net/ <http://astguiclient.sf.net/>  It's
free as in GPL and works well for our call center(We even call Australia
from time-to-time) 

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Hi All, 

We are a small company based in Australia.  We are looking at new call
centre software and one that has come to the surface is *.  There seems to
be a lot of company's that have used this as part of their call centre but
have still relied on other backbones (eg:Avaya).  I am keen to hear from
anyone who has implemented this as a total call centre solution.



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