[asterisk-users] Anyone that know of DECT "client" for asterisk?

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Wed Oct 7 13:54:15 CDT 2020

The problem is that there is only a few operators left (4 in sweden) of which 2 have stopped accepting new customers at all.
And the 2 other requires a credit check with a minimum monthly wage of 1200$ (which is the "golden standard" for getting a loan) just because theres no "credit limit" and you could potentially call for as much as you want.

They aren't even interested in getting "low-credit" customers, and when I asked if they instead could put up a credit limit, they told me thats something they will do when the account is approved and opened - ergo its not a way of bypassing the wage limit, but is a way of own peace, and they also told me that the credit limit is not a gurantee that the bill will stay below the limit, it will only check during new calls, they will not terminate a call due to credit limit, which means a premium call could still overshoot the account.

Most operators in sweden use the TechniColor modem, which also is a DECT base station.
I think that such a solution would create a very reliable solution as long as the actual hardware is close to the DECT base station.

Since the DECT/GAP protocol is digital, theres no analog-digital or digital-analog conversion circuit needed.

I have seen a lot of DECT USB adapters, but these act "as a base station" (ergo accepts registrations from handsets) and not "as a handset".

If there is some hardware that is opposite, like "act as a handset" and could talk to a DECT base - it would be preferable.
Somebody that knows such hardware somewhere?
It must be someone that want to connect a asterisk server or other PC solution to a standard DECT base?

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On Sat, 2020-10-03 at 22:25 +0200, Sebastian Nielsen wrote:

> many providers in sweden have started disabling SIP account details 
> and now require usage of their own ”router’s”.

That's very irritating and make me angry. Few of my client had the same problem. The solution: write a letter asking the SIP credentials explaining you want configure your own equipment and tell them you switch to another provider in case of refusal. Good luck!

I don't know if there is an appropriate hardware to build a DECT bridge and I doubt that fiddling with anything like that will not be a reliable solution.

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