[asterisk-users] Anyone that know of DECT "client" for asterisk?

Frank Vanoni mailinglist at linuxista.com
Wed Oct 7 12:15:19 CDT 2020

On Sat, 2020-10-03 at 22:25 +0200, Sebastian Nielsen wrote:

> many providers in sweden have started disabling SIP account details
> and now require usage of their own ”router’s”. 

That's very irritating and make me angry. Few of my client had the same
problem. The solution: write a letter asking the SIP credentials
explaining you want configure your own equipment and tell them you
switch to another provider in case of refusal. Good luck!

I don't know if there is an appropriate hardware to build a DECT bridge
and I doubt that fiddling with anything like that will not be a
reliable solution.

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