[asterisk-users] Anyone that know of DECT "client" for asterisk?

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Sat Oct 3 15:25:49 CDT 2020

Anyone here that knows some hardware USB "client" (DECT) that can connect to
a DECT base station and act as a "provider" in asterisk?

Ergo, asterisk is the DECT handset, and connects to the DECT base station.

Its also important that it also works with most asterisk-compatible devices,
including for example raspberry's.


The reason I ask, is that many providers in sweden have started disabling
SIP account details and now require usage of their own "router's". Using FXS
adapters is not an option as the digital->analog->digital conversion gives
very high echoes in the phones.

The idea is to have something simulate a DECT handset, connect to the
provider's router, and thus be able to still use asterisk.


Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen

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