[asterisk-users] Notification when on the phone

C.Maj chris at PenguinPBX.com
Thu May 28 14:04:05 CDT 2020

On 2020-05-28 11:10, Doug Lytle wrote:
>>>> But if you've already got the caller on the phone, then you might consider the CONNECTEDLINE function in Asterisk...
> And that we don't.
> It's the third party that would like the notification the the destination phone is currently busy with another call.  CONNECTEDLINE only functions after a channel has been answered. I was successful with using CONNECTEDLINE when issuing an Answer() first, but it added delay and the displayed message didn't show for very long.

Adding something like Wait(10) application should keep it up there.

Coupled with immediate in-band playback of "the line is busy" message could be reasonable solution.

> And, with the Polycom phones setup with multi-line, a call never rings busy unless the user press the DND (Do not disturb) button.

OH what it means to be busy!

You might want to look at GROUP functions as well, to keep track of call counts,
then fork dial plan based on needs eg. Sales only reports busy at 5 calls
but C-Suite is busy at 1 call.

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