[asterisk-users] Voice "broken" during calls

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Mon Jun 15 14:19:51 CDT 2020

Am 15.06.2020 um 20:15 schrieb Jeff LaCoursiere:

Hi Jeff,

> We are working on a product to analyze pcap files of VoIP calls.  So far
> it does a reasonable job of analyzing the frequency distribution of
> packets in both directions, pointing out which direction packet loss /
> bad jitter occurs.  If you can trap the traffic on the outside and the
> inside of your Banana Pi and send me the pcap files, I would be happy to
> run it through our analyzer as further information for you.  If it shows
> DTK isn't sending packets when it should, that will be obvious, and you
> can send to them as solid evidence of their guilt :)

Thank you for your offer.
Could you say me which options I should pass to tcpdump to get all
information you need?

But I'm not really sure, that Asterisk could be the problem, since, as I
said, the problem happens even if I connect the phone direct to the
server of Telekom...

> Beyond that, are you certain you aren't taxing the Banana Pi?  It really
> *should* be able to handle a single call while handling your LAN's
> routing/firewall tasks, but you are probably skating the edge.  The
> results of the above might point out that the Pi isn't *sending* packets
> it should be, or sending them way late, in which case the issue is
> actually your hardware.

Well, during the calls, the BananaPI has a load of max 1, and it have 2
The LAN interface is Gbps, and my DSL is only 50Mbps, so it is not
possible to get it full of band...

And during the test as I connected the phone to the Telekom servers the
load of the BananaPI was lower as 1.

Last but not least: I tried calls via Skype and WhatsApp (with my phone
in my WLAN). No problem and very good quality, so the BananaPI does not
have any problem to manage the data transfer, isn't it?

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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