[asterisk-users] asterisk 16.9 function HINT with option n does not return anything

Nenad Radosavljevic nenadr at snr.rs
Wed Jun 3 08:06:40 CDT 2020

Hello !

Is there something wrong with the function HINT(<extension number>,n) ?
Note the param n - it is supposed to get (as far as I understand the
documentation) CALLERID(name) of the extension (via extension's hint).

Example configuration:


callerid = Test extension <10>


exten => 10,hint,PJSIP/10
exten => 10,1,Set(DEV=${HINT(10 at exts)})
exten => 10,n,Set(DEVNAME=${HINT(10 at exts,n)})
exten => 10,n,Noop(DEV is ${DEV})
exten => 10,n,Noop(DEVNAME is ${DEVNAME})

on asterisk 16.9.0:
 - first noop prints:       DEV is PJSIP/10
 - second noop prints: DEVNAME is

Way I understand the documentation for function HINT, I would expect the
DEVNAME variable to be set to "Test extension".

Any "light" on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks.

           Nenad Radosavljevic
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