[asterisk-users] Voice broken during calls (again...)

Michael Maier m1278468 at mailbox.org
Tue Jul 7 11:57:53 CDT 2020

On 03.07.20 at 19:57 Luca Bertoncello wrote:
>> On the Gateway (Banana PI), where the Asterisk server also runs, the
>> load is about 0.50 during calls and it has a Gbps LAN.
>> I can't believe, the problem is here...
> So, now I know what was the problem and I solved it...
> The problem was: the Banana PI... :(

Glad you could find and solve the problem.

> I checked it with mtr and I see really bad times to communicate with
> other devices im same networks (~2 - 380 ms!!).
> Many tries with other Switch ports and so on didn't solved the problem.

Yeah, that's what I already thought for myself. VoIP is (based on its realtime nature) extremely picky about network interfaces (or even complete hardware of the system) and their
drivers and the corresponding configuration. But most of the people can't / won't believe it.

Many of them (NICs) are pretty broken (sometimes the nic hardware, sometimes both hard- and software). Even APU 1 or 2 devices don't work reliably for VoIP with the standard in
kernel drivers or with default configuration here. I always had / have to use other drivers / kernels / configurations to get a proper and reliable rtp stream - even over hours.


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