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Mark Boyce mark at dark.org
Tue Feb 11 13:51:31 CST 2020

Hi John

Really depends on the speed of the modem in my experience even fax over voip is problematic outside a local network.

Are they external modems? If so have you considered moving the modems to the remote site and tunnelling the serial port over the internet?  That should be flawless.


> On 11 Feb 2020, at 19:22, John T. Bittner <john at xaccel.net> wrote:
> Guys,
> I have a customer that heavily uses modems, the problem they don’t work reliably with some of the carriers I have used like Level3.
> This is somewhat expected due to the limits in VoIP so I need a better solution.  
> If I set up an asterisk system on customer premise with an FXS card in it and have calls sent to another asterisk box with a PRI can I get this to be more reliable and better connect speeds.?
> Any way to detect a modem call and turn off the echo canceller?
> What if I use a lossless codec between the two systems, or would it be better to just run PCM to passthrough to the PRI.
> Any ideas would be helpful.
> Thanks
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