[asterisk-users] Predictive call - agent talking to a customer, then suddenly talking to another customer

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Wed Feb 12 03:44:51 CST 2020

Hi all


Asterisk 13 instance - I've got a situation in an agent queue that an agent
will be talking to one person, then suddenly the same agent will be talking
to another person who was talking to another agent.


The calls do not switch around between the two agents, the "losing" agent
will just suddenly have silence in his handset and the other agent will now
be talking to "his" customer.


The original customer is simply cut off instantly the moment this happens.


This happens randomly. I have yet to collect log output and capture the CLI,
etc. but anybody ever heard of this happening?


It is as if agent channels get randomly reassigned / lose their audio
channel from outside the Asterisk - one channel is disconneted that a
customer was on and certain agents are suddenly talking to someone else and
lose the original caller they were busy with.


Where can I even being to look?




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