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bilal ghayyad bilmar_gh at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 4 20:10:10 CDT 2019

 Thank you a lot for your kindly help and reply. Actually it helped me a lot.I was using _X. in the extensions.conf at the trunkinbound context.Can you advise me what is the difference between _X. and s? In other words, when it is better to use s and when it is better to use _X.?
Again, I am fully thanks for you.RegardsBilal
> Hello;
> I am facing a trouble with the SIP service provider, they are saying 
> that there is a problem related to message option 200 (the heartbeat), 
> so what is required to add this for the sip configuration? Below is my 
> sip debug trace log with the them and the sip peer configuration:

OPTIONS is treated as if it were an INVITE, so it looks up the extension in the dialplan. The following shows what extension and context:

[Sep 4 12:42:20] Looking for s in trunkinbound (domain

If you add an "s" extension to the "trunkinbound" context it should then respond 200 OK.

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