[asterisk-users] On Register, run a script, validate source IP

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Thu Nov 21 07:17:34 CST 2019

Hi Jöran

> for me it sounds like you need an SBC.
> We use Kamailio in order to check users IP Addresses. There are modules
> like "permissions" in kamailio what could do this. As well there are pike
> checks, sanity checks and a bunch of other useful tools.

You are absolutely right. We are on a 'renewing our
infrastructure' project and on a 'proof of concept' and 'check all
needed functionality' on using Kamailio as a high availiable
registration and routing engine and Asterisk for Annoucements and
Voicemailbox Service.

But, I have no Kamailio experience yet and with the actual 'commercial'
TSP Voiceswitch in use, we have some very serious functionality /
signaling issues with SIP PBX customer trunk.

So as I have been working with Asterisk for quite some time now, I was
hoping to be able to find a quick fix for them using Asterisk, before I
try to figure out how you, for example register PBX Customers to
Kamailio. But turns out my project for which I estimated I would need
two days is going to take longer, as usual. :-)

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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