[asterisk-users] Check other calls on same endpoint (validate / screen customer supplied Diversion / From header)

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Mon Nov 18 08:09:20 CST 2019

Hi Gang

Yes, big project on the rise to do things better / more flexible than
our existing commercial TSP switch.

During call screening process, we would like to allow customers to send
the original callingID in a attended call diversion scenario.

From the Voice Switch point of view, there are two call legs involved.
So on one call leg, I would like to check the callerID on the second
call leg. Is this doable?


Alice calls Bob who does picks up the call and puts it throught to
Charlie. Charlie shall see Alices CallerID:

Call Leg 1:
Invite: Bob
From: Alice
PAI: Bob

Call Leg 2:
Invite: Charlie
From: Alice
PAI: Bob
Diversion: Bob, Reason: Attended-Transfer

The screening on Leg 2 would normally not allow Alice to be sent as
But if the sceening on Leg 2 would be able to look up Leg 1 and see the
co-existing call From: Alice To: Bob, it could allow Alice to be sent
out (and maybe add a missing Diversion and/or PAI header or also screen
the Diversion header).

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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