[asterisk-users] trust_id_inbound=yes but take CallerID(Num) from From: not from PAI

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Tue Nov 19 08:51:21 CST 2019

Hi Gang

Next Problem which occurs.

In Switzerland this is the common using form SIP Signaling:

P-Asserted-Identity: Contains the provider provided and screened phone
number which is the 'legal' origin of the call. The origin which is to
be billed for the call. If the caller has a DDI Range, this is mostly
the main number of this range.

From: can contain almost anything. It can be any phone number from a
DDI range, or in a call forwarding scenario, the original calling
number, or if the customer has a clip-no-screening agreement just any
valid phone number he is entitled to send.

Now for privacy to be correctly handled. I did this config:

On the IC endpoint: trust_id_inbound=yes

Without this, Callerid(num-pres) ist not set to 'prohib'

On the Customer endpoint: trust_id_outbound=no

This ensures, asterisk replacing the From header with 'anonymous'
towards the customer if privacy is set.

Unfortunately setting those variables also affect the way where the
Callerid(num) variable is polulated from.

If trust_id_inbound=yes, this is set from the PAI, which is not the
phone I want to display to your customer.

Is there a way to trust_id_inbound but still take Callerid(Num) from
the From header?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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