[asterisk-users] trust_id_inbound=yes but take CallerID(Num) from From: not from PAI

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at sangoma.com
Tue Nov 19 09:01:34 CST 2019

On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 10:52 AM Benoit Panizzon <benoit.panizzon at imp.ch>

> Hi Gang
> Next Problem which occurs.
> In Switzerland this is the common using form SIP Signaling:
> P-Asserted-Identity: Contains the provider provided and screened phone
> number which is the 'legal' origin of the call. The origin which is to
> be billed for the call. If the caller has a DDI Range, this is mostly
> the main number of this range.
> From: can contain almost anything. It can be any phone number from a
> DDI range, or in a call forwarding scenario, the original calling
> number, or if the customer has a clip-no-screening agreement just any
> valid phone number he is entitled to send.
> Now for privacy to be correctly handled. I did this config:
> On the IC endpoint: trust_id_inbound=yes
> Without this, Callerid(num-pres) ist not set to 'prohib'
> On the Customer endpoint: trust_id_outbound=no
> This ensures, asterisk replacing the From header with 'anonymous'
> towards the customer if privacy is set.
> Unfortunately setting those variables also affect the way where the
> Callerid(num) variable is polulated from.
> If trust_id_inbound=yes, this is set from the PAI, which is not the
> phone I want to display to your customer.
> Is there a way to trust_id_inbound but still take Callerid(Num) from
> the From header?

No, there is a specific hardcoded preference order of PAI > RPID > From. It
doesn't take bits and pieces from different parts to construct the final
result. You'd have to see if you can do it in the dialplan using
PJSIP_HEADER, if not then likely code modifications would be required.

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