[asterisk-users] Asterisk - can't hear other side. Or other side does not hear us

Ivan Demkovitch idemkovitch at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 11:00:54 CST 2019

Ok, I see what you are saying. Yes, than NAT occuring on our router. Asterisk server is on internal IP (192.168..)
# Now that I read what you say I think there might be 2 issues. "Randomness" is one, but I am not even sure we have it (randomness). All recent complains were from specific callers and we can replicate those.
#What am I looking for? Should it be "tshark" or there is means within Asterisk application/configs to write those logs?I haven't used "tshark" before. And more specifically, what am I looking for?
Thank you!
On Thursday 28 February 2019 at 17:40:28, Ivan Demkovitch wrote:

> Noone connects to Asterisk box/server from outside. Callcentric SIP trunk> configured and Asterisk maintains connection to it itself.
Okay, I didn't actually mean "does anyone connect *inbound* to your Asterisk 
server" - I was more asking about the connectivity between the Asterisk box 
and (anything on) the Internet (eg: Callcentric), and whether there is NAT 

> No special ports opened, nothing. Connection happens from us> to Callcentric and all calls routed in from CallcentricI don't know> exactly how it's doing it by it works.
Does your Asterisk box have an RFC1918 address (ie: 
or, or does it have a public IP address on its own interface?

If the address on your Asterisk server falls in the RFC1918 range, then you 
have NAT occurring on your router, and this is known to cause one-way (or 
sometimes no-way) audio from time to time.

> Debugging with "tshark" should be done on Asterisk machine I asume?
Yes, or else on any router between the Asterisk machine and the other end of 
the affected calls (ie: Callcentric).  It's very probably simplest to do it on 
the Asterisk server, though.


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