[asterisk-users] Asterisk - can't hear other side. Or other side does not hear us

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Wed Feb 27 18:30:15 CST 2019

This is usually a symptom of something on the call path mishandling the session setup.  Check routers/firewall/SIP proxy, etc.  Likely a firmware bug is causing it to use the wrong IP address and passing that to the other end.


Even if you disabled these devices, REMOVE them from the call path (or replace) for testing.  Add them back one at a time to confirm source of problem.




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This is not technical post, just looking for suggestions on what to check.

I have asterisk for long time, no updates, just maintain OS updates.


I use SPA504G phones


Very rarely and randomly when we pickup a phone - other side does not hear us. Call them back and all works.


Now I have couple people I'm talking to and it seems like very call like this. Someone can't hear someone.


Don't know where to start to troubleshoot and what to look for.



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