[asterisk-users] No external audio on SIP => PJSIP both behind same NAT

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Mon Apr 8 13:06:51 CDT 2019


I have following setup: Asterisk 1.4 (IP connect to Asterisk 
13 (IP with PJSIP, this one connected to the provider also 
with PJSIP. Both LAN Asteriks are also connected via IAX.

Everything is working fine except SIP call from 1.4 to external number: 
there is no audio. SIP call to eg demo at Asterisk13 is OK. If I replace 
the SIP link between 1.4 and 13 with the IAX trunk it's OK. Other way is 
OK in full SIP.

I tried few parameters on both Asteriks, no luck. The RTP port range is 
the same on both instance.

If someone had a clue on this, welcome ;) and thanks in advance.


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