[asterisk-users] No external audio on SIP => PJSIP both behind same NAT

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Mon Apr 8 15:48:43 CDT 2019

Le 08/04/2019 à 20:06, Administrator TOOTAI a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have following setup: Asterisk 1.4 (IP connect to Asterisk 
> 13 (IP with PJSIP, this one connected to the provider also 
> with PJSIP. Both LAN Asteriks are also connected via IAX.
> Everything is working fine except SIP call from 1.4 to external number: 
> there is no audio. SIP call to eg demo at Asterisk13 is OK. If I replace 
> the SIP link between 1.4 and 13 with the IAX trunk it's OK. Other way is 
> OK in full SIP.
> I tried few parameters on both Asteriks, no luck. The RTP port range is 
> the same on both instance.
> If someone had a clue on this, welcome ;) and thanks in advance.

Sorry for noise, I had a typo direct-media=no insteed of direct_media=no


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