[asterisk-users] What is ASTDB /pbx/UUID for ? Can I duplicate whole ASTDB from cluster active member to passive member ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 09:10:56 CDT 2018


I'm working on an Asterisk active/passive cluster where the following
- members are both VM
- /etc/asterisk files are copied from one provisonning server to both VM
- asterisk is running on active member
- asterisk is not running on passive member
- members share floating IP addresses
- I don't remember whether Asterisk was already installed or not when one
VM image was copied to serve as a base for the other VM image
- system config of both members are identical except host names and some IP

Looking at ASTDB content I'm seeing the following entries:

I'm also seeing entries this like:

To minimize service interruption when a passive member become active, I was
thinking of regularly copying ASTDB file from active to passive cluster

As I'm not confident that my own testing would cover all cases, I would
like to ask here:

1. What is /pbx/UUID for ?
2. Is it safe to copy entries like
/registrar/contact/bar;@da9064cc4962b6a60d4 ?
3. Suggestions ? Comments ?

Best regards
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