[asterisk-users] Problems with app_cdr writing CDRs nowhere

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Wed Mar 14 08:58:54 CDT 2018



I've been having an issue with Asterisk 13 (multiple versions, 13.18.2 is
one of them) logging CDRs in mysql. I am using app_cdr, and it generally
works fine, but when I run occasional maintenance that require Mysql to be
rebooted (generally during downtime) on the main mysql server (the one
logging the CDRs) sometimes (I can't find the pattern yet) it just stops
logging, but Asterisk keeps on happily thinking it is logging it's CDRs.
CDR show status is showing everything working fine:


CLI> cdr show status

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings


  Logging:                    Enabled

  Mode:                       Simple

  Log unanswered calls:       No

  Log congestion:             Yes


* Registered Backends



    Adaptive ODBC

    cdr_manager (suspended)



CLI> cdr mysql status

Connected to mysql_server at cdr_db port 3306 using table cdr for 6 minutes,
4 seconds.

  Wrote 9238 records since last restart and 93 records since last



The only thing I can do when that happens is module reload app_cdr, which
wakes it up and it starts writing.  The CLI command "cdr submit" does


So here are my questions:

1.	Where are my missing CDR records? Have they been written anywhere?
I am not using any other CDR backends, as cdr-custom created issues when
large amount of data needed to be written to local disk (queue problems).
Are they gone for good?
2.	How can I avoid this or mitigate this?


Any help is appreciated.





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