[asterisk-users] ASR Suggestions for small dictionnary (<1000 entries) lookup in France/french

Jonathan H lardconcepts at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 04:21:29 CDT 2017

Having experimented with something similar myself, I'd say you are
about to create a vast amount of complexity by moving away from keypad

Also, a lot of the natural language APIs don't support French - for
example, Amazon Lex or https://dialogflow.com would be great for this
as they understand contexts and intents... but they don't understand

But if you pursue ASR, try this:
Switch the console to French and see how you get on. In English,
sometimes it turns it into a number, sometimes it comes out as "twenty
five thousand two hundred twelve".

I think you have two choices with ASR:

1: Explain to the caller that they must say one digit at a time, in
which case, easy! Pick any free speech recognition you want.
2: Try and handle "natural language" ways of speaking numbers, in
which case be prepared for a lot of debugging and learning!

I could be wrong - if anyone knows, please let us both know, too!

On 22 October 2017 at 09:46, Olivier <oza.4h07 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm in the early stages of designing an Emergency calling service IVR
> application.
> The IVR application asks simple one or two questions like "which is the
> postal code of the area you are currently calling from ?" "Is the correct
> ?". The expected values are a 5-digits number like
> "twenty-five-thousand-two-hundreds-twelve" or "twenty-five-two-twelve"
> variations or "yes or no".
> From received answers, this application would route incoming call to an
> appropriate Public Safety Answering Point.
> As IVR requires working DTMF and sometimes it's not easy to type DTMF with
> wireless phones, I wonder if I should or not use ASR as an alternative to
> IVR.
> My requirements are:
> - spoken language is France/french
> - low call volume (<5 calls at peak time)
> - asterisk 13 and up support
> - hosted (prefered) or online
> - if hosted, should be installable on Debian (prefered) or CentOS on a
> dedicated VM.
> 1. What do you think of using ASR for such application ? Would you favor
> IVR, ASR or implement both ?
> 2. Which ASR would you recommend ?
> Best regards
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