[asterisk-users] ASR Suggestions for small dictionnary (<1000 entries) lookup in France/french

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 03:46:07 CDT 2017


I'm in the early stages of designing an Emergency calling service IVR

The IVR application asks simple one or two questions like "which is the
postal code of the area you are currently calling from ?" "Is the correct
?". The expected values are a 5-digits number like
"twenty-five-thousand-two-hundreds-twelve" or "twenty-five-two-twelve"
variations or "yes or no".

>From received answers, this application would route incoming call to an
appropriate Public Safety Answering Point.

As IVR requires working DTMF and sometimes it's not easy to type DTMF with
wireless phones, I wonder if I should or not use ASR as an alternative to

My requirements are:
- spoken language is France/french
- low call volume (<5 calls at peak time)
- asterisk 13 and up support
- hosted (prefered) or online
- if hosted, should be installable on Debian (prefered) or CentOS on a
dedicated VM.

1. What do you think of using ASR for such application ? Would you favor
IVR, ASR or implement both ?
2. Which ASR would you recommend ?

Best regards
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