[asterisk-users] iaxModem pickup problem

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The file astdb.sqlite is a SQLite 3 file (all tables and indices rolled into
one file).  While Asterisk is running the astdb file is always open for r/w.
FreePBX regularly updates rows ("keys") in this database, so writes are
often in progress.

In the event of a power failure the file will not be properly closed, or
worse be left in an invalid state.  Once Asterisk starts it is may refuse to
read some astdb rows, or potentially the whole file.

Asterisk natively does not need the astdb file but FreePBX makes extensive
use of it.  In particular, FreePBX dialplans check device/user information
in the astdb for call handling.  So a missing/corrupt user/device will cause
the dialplan to fail.  (That's why I suggested to you watch the dialplan
from the Asterisk CLI when a fax comes in).

This design (FreePBX) makes Asterisk much more fragile than it has to be.
It's a good idea to keep a backup astdb on the PBX in case of corruption.

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On Thu, May 4, 2017 11:38, Telium Technical Support wrote:
> It depends a bit on your version of FreePBX, but here's a link to show 
> you how:
> http://telium.ca/pages/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19
> Hopefully option 1 works for you (quick and easy).  If not, you'll 
> have to try option 2.  Ignore option 3 since that's only for users of 
> High Availability for Asterisk (HAAst).
> (I assume that if you had a full backup you would have already tried 
> to restore it)

No, I did not try to restore from backups; and yes I have daily backups to
recover from if that is necessary.  However, I have since corrected the
damaged rows in astdb.sqlite and the fax service is now working again.

If someone could explain what likely happens to damage astdb.sqlite when the
system is suddenly powered off I would appreciate it.

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