[asterisk-users] How to have callers not being billed when in waiting queue ? [SOLVED]

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 11:00:56 CDT 2017

Basically, in some countries, regulation says:
"caller MUST know in advance what call would given the number (s)he dialed".

If regulation also states that waiting time shall not charged or shall not
charged more than a local/national/whatever call, then an alternative is to
separate telecommunication costs from service costs
the former being billed by caller's telco based on whole duration, the
later being billed byservice provider based on effective duration (whole
duration minus waiting time).

Of course, this requires that service providers are able to directly bill
callers which, certainly, can't be easy or even possible in all situations.
Some service providers require callers to enter a personal PIN code, before
joining a queue.
That could help to bind a caller to a paying customer and let the later one
being charged for the services used by the caller.
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