[asterisk-users] ConfBridge function slight change from 11 to 13

Michaël Gaudette michael at virtutel.ca
Wed Mar 29 09:40:22 CDT 2017


I have been using ConfBridge since Asterisk 11, and I recently upgraded a
server to 13.  While everything that needed fixing seems fixed, I have an
issue that does not seem documented anywhere.

The way I used ConfBridge is that I have a standard bridge profile, user
profile and menu that (almost) everyone uses. I call the ConfBridge this

exten => s,1,Confbridge(some_id,bridge_basic,user_basic,admin_menu_basic)

But, even though everyone uses the same basic config, each conference has
a different NIP to get it. So what I USED to do is this:

exten => s,1,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,pin)=123456)

exten => s,2,Confbridge(some_id,bridge_basic,user_basic,admin_menu_basic)

This, as far as I could tell on Asterisk 11, meant that the user_basic
profile was used, but whatever default PIN present in confbridge.conf was
“overwritten” by my on-the-fly to the ConfBridge(user,pin) value

Now, on Asterisk 13.14 (I don’t have an Asterisk 12 I can play with) it
seems that the fact that I am referencing the user_basic profile in my
call to the ConfBridge app means that whatever PIN value I put in my dial
plan is ignore, since a user profile is present. While, before, the PIN
value overwrote the profile value by having that defined in my dialplan.

·         TBH this seems the legit way to use ConfBridge The wiki says:


·         “user_profile - The user profile name from confbridge.conf. When
left blank, a dynamically built user profile created by the CONFBRIDGE
dialplan function is searched for on the channel and used. If no dynamic
profile is present, the 'default_user' profile found in confbridge.conf is


but it suited me better to use it the way it worked in Asterisk

Is there any way to make the channel values overwrite the profile values
instead of be ignored by the presence of a profile in the dialplan
application parameters? Or something that has a similar effect, i.e. an
easy to change overall default bridge user that can be slightly modified
through the dialplan?


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