[asterisk-users] Having problem getting Asterisk to work on CentOS 7

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Tue Mar 14 11:45:38 CDT 2017

Some background information.

I have used Debian with Asterisk for several years.  Have encountered zero problems.
I am now trying to setup an Asterisk on a CentOS7 box using VMWare Workstation.  I am brand new to CentOS and RHEL so I may be missing something obvious.

I am installing CentOS Minimal Install and Asterisk from Source.  (I have installed Asterisk from Source on Debian hundreds of times without any problems).
After installing CentOS (only root user), I update CentOS.  I then install the CentOS "Development Tools".
Also install, I install net-tools and wget.

After that, I am following the Wiki pages for Asterisk from Source.
Retrieve the asterisk-13-current.tar.gz and the pjproject-2.6.tar.bz2

I uncompress them, run the asterisk install_prereq script to install all required packages.
I configure PJPROJECT, make dep, make, make install, and ldconfig

After that, I install asterisk
make menuselect
make install
make samples
make progdocs
make config

After that, I modify the asterisk conf files for a couple pjsip endpoints and turn on debugging and verbosity.  Copying settings from another box which is working.

I am seeing two different issues....

First, when I restart the box, the asterisk process is present.  However, it's not writing anything to the log files so it seems to be stuck.  Any idea why running Asterisk as a service after the make config would not seem to fully start up?

Second, I stop the asterisk service.  Make sure asterisk process is not present.  Then, I start it up manually going to the console.  Everything is running.  I see information written to the asterisk log files.  However, I try to connect phones to this and it does not work.  I used tcpdump to verify the SIP packets are making it to the CentOS box, however Asterisk is not seeing the SIP messages.
I run netstat -apn | grep -i asterisk and see Asterisk udp with port 5060.
The one thing I notice is my Debian installations have always been eth0.  CentOS is using the newer ens33.  Might this cause a proble?
Any suggestions?

Have a great day!

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