[asterisk-users] Call List Campaign to an IVR

Bertrand LUPART - Linkeo.com bertrand.lupart at linkeo.com
Mon Feb 6 03:39:15 CST 2017

>    We once developed a reminder system for a customer. He's a cleaning
> company, cleaning homes and offices. He was spending two hours a day calling
> his customers to remind them of their appointment the next day. Two hours a
> day equates to 40 hours a month that he saved with that system. He's been
> using it for maybe 6-7 years now and not once was a customer upset that they
> were called. Of course there are many ways that someone can abuse an
> autodialer, but this wasn't one of them. 

As a side note, as your customers may have mobile phones, sending them SMS may look less intrusive.

Extra bonus : the appointment date is written down and most smartphones should allow a calendar event creation by clicking on the properly crafted message.

Bertrand LUPART

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