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    I agree, those are good ideas and we did eventually develop an SMS
feature later on. Another thing we did to cut down on the 'annoyance' factor
was to maximize the chance of sending the call to voicemail directly. We
were able to develop a feature to send the call to voicemail about 90% of
the time. That way, an end user could (1) not be bothered by having to
answer the call, (2) delete the message without listening to it, or (3)
listen to the message when it was most convenient for them. That way, they
were in control and things were done on their terms. 
John V. 

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>    We once developed a reminder system for a customer. He's a cleaning 
> company, cleaning homes and offices. He was spending two hours a day 
> calling his customers to remind them of their appointment the next 
> day. Two hours a day equates to 40 hours a month that he saved with 
> that system. He's been using it for maybe 6-7 years now and not once 
> was a customer upset that they were called. Of course there are many 
> ways that someone can abuse an autodialer, but this wasn't one of them.

As a side note, as your customers may have mobile phones, sending them SMS
may look less intrusive.

Extra bonus : the appointment date is written down and most smartphones
should allow a calendar event creation by clicking on the properly crafted

Bertrand LUPART
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