[asterisk-users] ERROR during high volume MoH dialplan

Joseph Smith warlock1999 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 12:54:43 CDT 2017

It is meant to simulate simultaneous calls on an IVR.  I have also tested with a separate set of audio files closer to what the actual IVR menu.  This produced the same result.

I apologize for not clearly stating the use case up front.  I will try to give a bit more detail on that now.

I have an IVR menu and submenu that users may dial into. I initially tested with the IVR audio files.  When I began experiencing this issue I used MoH as an attempt to narrow down the problem to the simplest dialplan possible.

If I continue my test at this volume or a higher volume, I begin to get errors about reaching the maximum queue size for that particular taskprocessor.  Since, these error proceeded that I thought that they may be the key to preventing the queue from maxing out.

It sounds like Richard is saying that these refcount logs may not actually be errors and can be ignored in this scenario.  If that is the case then is there anything that can be done about the task processor queue size?  Is that simply a side effect of having so many callers listening to the IVR at the same time?

pjsip.conf is currently setup with a trunk allowing incoming calls from a specific IP.  This is the task processor that is maxing out.

So I am looking for a better way to allow several thousand callers to listen to this IVR menu at the same time.

Thank you for the feedback thus far.

Any info and advice is helpful.


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On Thursday 31 August 2017 at 18:15:54, Joseph Smith wrote:

> I was hoping Asterisk would handle more than 4k simultaneous calls.

I know from experience that Asterisk can handle more than 4k simultaneous
calls, however it's an extreme case to have all of them playing music on hold.

I think that if you tested 4k simultaneous calls with standard media streams
on the majority of them, you would not experience the problem.

Is this a real problem for you - that Asterisk can't manage 4k MoH sessions
simultaneously, even though it can manage 4k standard phone calls?


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