[asterisk-users] log incoming calls without answering

Fabio Moretti fmoretti at tecytal.com
Thu Apr 20 16:33:33 CDT 2017

Il 20/04/2017 18:09, kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com ha scritto:
> I honestly don't know if you can do what you want without some piece
> of equipment picking up the line. What I would do is get an analog
> line, an analog phone, an analog to sip device (there are many to
> choose from) and a basic asterisk instance. I would then make a small
> test setup where the analog line goes to a splitter. One side of the
> splitter goes to your analog phone. One side goes to your analog to
> SIP converter and then into your asterisk instance via your ethernet
> network. Use your cell phone to call the number of your analog line
> and see if it works. You would have to code a basic dialplan on the
> asterisk side and set up the trunk to your converter, which I am
> assuming you know how to do.

Yes, I'll definitely do the test before set up the whole proyect, but
the point basically is: it is possibile for asterisk to log a call
without answering it? How to do it in the dialplan? Or I'm wasting time
because an analog line who enter asterisk is always answered?


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