[asterisk-users] log incoming calls without answering

John Novack_PIV2 jnovack at comcast.net
Thu Apr 20 16:58:18 CDT 2017

Fabio Moretti wrote:
> Il 20/04/2017 18:09, kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com ha scritto:
>> I honestly don't know if you can do what you want without some piece
>> of equipment picking up the line. What I would do is get an analog
>> line, an analog phone, an analog to sip device (there are many to
>> choose from) and a basic asterisk instance. I would then make a small
>> test setup where the analog line goes to a splitter. One side of the
>> splitter goes to your analog phone. One side goes to your analog to
>> SIP converter and then into your asterisk instance via your ethernet
>> network. Use your cell phone to call the number of your analog line
>> and see if it works. You would have to code a basic dialplan on the
>> asterisk side and set up the trunk to your converter, which I am
>> assuming you know how to do.
> Yes, I'll definitely do the test before set up the whole proyect, but
> the point basically is: it is possibile for asterisk to log a call
> without answering it? How to do it in the dialplan? Or I'm wasting time
> because an analog line who enter asterisk is always answered?
I used to do something similar, though not for 60 lines. I had ports off a 
channel bank bridged to a propitiatory ( think Vonage ) device, or even a 
copper PSTN line.
Not sure where you are in the world, but different analog lines deliver caller 
id differently, so timing can become an issue, and you will have no clue when 
the call is either answered or abandoned.
Here in the US it is between the first and second ring
You would need to work through the timing, as if the line rings several times 
you need to detect the ring, capture the CLID, then ignore any additional rings 
for x period of time as there will only be one CLID string sent per call.

Once I converted all lines to VOIP it all became much easier.
If your analog lines are NOT in the US or Canada, you may run into different 
issues, or it might even become easier.

John Novack

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