[asterisk-users] log incoming calls without answering

Fabio Moretti fmoretti at tecytal.com
Thu Apr 20 15:51:59 CDT 2017

Il 20/04/2017 17:32, kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com ha scritto:
> This gets kinda Rube Golberg-ish, but convert the incoming analog line
> to sip, route it through asterisk and have asterisk do its thing
> before converting it back to analog to send to the phone. Only problem
> is you get a lot of extra hardware involved in the mix to make it
> work. It will be a lot of expense and trouble, so you need to make
> sure that whatever part you want asterisk to play is worth that
> effort. Also, I wouldn't touch a fax line in this manner.
> If you could give a bit more info on what you want asterisk to do, we
> could maybe give better advice on how to solve your problem.

Hi Kevin,

I've already proposed your solution (is the most reasonable) but they
have more than 60 analogs lines (no faxes) and some of them terminate in
appliances like alarms, etc, so the solution must not touch in any way
the connection between the line and his termination: doing a analog to
digital conversion, passing it to asterisk and the convert it back to
analog is prone to problems (what if asterisk crashes? or if a gateway
I can split the existing lines (there are no complex things like adsl or
digital signaling), convert the branches to digital and terminate then
into an asterisk machine, so any failure will not affect the old
circuit, but of course I've to configure asterisk to ONLY LOG calls and
nothing more.

This is what they want:
- line 1 ring
- line 1 is splitted in two, the first branch (let's say the "analog"
branch) go to an analog phone, that rings
- the second branch go through a gateway and then to asterisk
- asterisk log (with an AGI for example) "line 1 rings at .... from ...."
no more is required from asterisk, if someone answer the analog phone or
not is not my business.


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