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> Subject: [asterisk-users] log incoming calls without answering
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> Hi,
> I've some analogic lines and I'm asked if it's possible to program 
> an asterisk for "checking" the inbound calls without answering them,
> doing something like this:
> analog line 1 -----+---------- asterisk
>                    |
>                    \______ analog phone
> when a call enter, asterisk sense it and store its values (callerid,
> date and time, etc) somewhere, but nothing more, people will answer 
> using the old analog phone.
> The goal is to have a log of the inbound calls without touching the 
> old analog system (it's shared between different subjects).
> I'm pretty sure it's something possible, but how to tell asterisk: 
> "ok, call this AGI, and then don't answer and do nothing more".
> Any idea?
> Thanks

This gets kinda Rube Golberg-ish, but convert the incoming analog line to 
sip, route it through asterisk and have asterisk do its thing before 
converting it back to analog to send to the phone. Only problem is you get 
a lot of extra hardware involved in the mix to make it work. It will be a 
lot of expense and trouble, so you need to make sure that whatever part 
you want asterisk to play is worth that effort. Also, I wouldn't touch a 
fax line in this manner.

If you could give a bit more info on what you want asterisk to do, we 
could maybe give better advice on how to solve your problem.

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