[asterisk-users] Asterisk compatibility with SMS services

Brandon B. bbinab at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 12:07:40 CST 2016

> Can anyone comment on using SMS in conjunction with VoIP service using 
> one of these three VoIP providers: voip.ms, vitelity.com, 
> flowroute.com? Are some SMS services more compatible with Asterisk 
> (i.e. SMS over SIP works perfectly or not)? Is it best to use a 
> different data channel for SMS messages (i.e. SMS via HTTP, SMS via 
> XMPP) instead of Asterisk's built in SMS application MessageSend 
> <http://www.anveo.com/faq.asp?code=sip_asterisk_sms>? In order to 
> develop a web application for sending and receives SMS messages for 
> business users, are there any pitfalls in using Asterisk to handle the 
> message exchanges?

On 2016-11-29 09:01 AM, Sebastian Nielsen wrote:
> Im using SMS successfully over VoIP. No problems at all. You however 
> need to use a good codec.
> However, I don’t use the MessageSend application, instead I use the 
> raw SMS() application.
> This works by the SMS centre calling my fixed landline from a specific 
> number, I detect the callerid, initiate a SMS reception and then the 
> SMS is in the spool files.
> If I want to send a outgoing SMS, I push a SMS file in the spool 
> folder, then initate a call to the SMS centre.

That's pretty cool, thank you for the details. You are using the builtin 
SMS application that exchanges SMS data over SIP / PSTN connections. I 
don't believe I can get service like that in Canada. Does anyone use the 
SMS applications to send and receive SMS messages in North America? Who 
provides that service?

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