[asterisk-users] Questions... connecting Asterisk to the World

Stefan Becker becker at yukonho.de
Sat May 14 14:32:35 CDT 2016

On Sat, 14 May 2016, Steve Edwards wrote:

> I think you need to make the outbound dial a single 'transaction' either by
> using an extension pattern that includes the 0 like '05555555555' to dial
> 555-555-5555 or eliminate the 0 (and the idiom of 'requesting an outgoing
> line') and detect an internal vs external call via extension pattern matching.

this is the dialplan that I use:

 exten = s,1,Read(LOKAL,,,,1,5)
  same =   n,Dial(SIP/${LOKAL}@tt)
  same =   n,Hangup()

When the user dials "0", the HiCOM ISDN switch immediately
goes "online" to the outgoing ISDN Copper Cable - connected 
to ... A) .... B)

A) connected to the NTBA in the wall jack to the NTBA phone company...
   the dialing preceeds to continue "offline" no dailtones are heard.
   The call is completed and connects
B) connected to the Asterisk ISDN Card....

   Asterisk server reacts by executing the above dial plan...

   CLI > "answered call from "...." to "s"

   The user has an open "answered" line and the dialing are collected by
   listening to the DTMF tones.  The generated dial tones can be heard
   on the phone line.

Somehow the signaling on the line of the outgoing call is differant
when the cable is handeled by the PBX or by asterisk.

But why ?

Can't asterisk be configured to handle a call exactly as the 
otherwise connected phone company's PBX would?

thanks for listening,


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