[asterisk-users] how to decrypt encrypted SIP user's secret

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Tue Jun 28 23:37:19 CDT 2016

You must mean that engineer before you used "md5secret" instead of "secret" for each user in sip.conf?

If so, why can't you just copy the md5secret line from the old server to the new server for each user?

-- Nathan

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Dear all,

My office have an old asterisk PBX system (asterisk 11.4), and it encrypt all the SIP User's secret.
But the voip engineer before me didn't save / documented those password.
Now the server's hardware is begin to broke, it hangs a lot, and have a lot of call problem.

We already have a new asterisk PBX to replace it, but we have difficulty to retrieve the encrypted password.

about a hundred of our customer use an old IPPhone that doesn't have a reset button to hard reset the admin password (back to factory default). The previous engineer also change the IPPhone's admin password without any documentation. So, we can not move / change those IPPhone to the new PBX.

Is there a way for us to retrieve / decrypt those SIP secret ?

Or anyone has any experience how to reset this IP Phone (Dayou Ddip-100)

Any suggestion are appreciate, because I'm really desperate.

Thanks in advance,


Jakarta - Indonesia
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