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Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomabmex.com
Wed Jul 13 16:44:36 CDT 2016

On 7/12/16 9:27 PM, George Joseph wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 11:55 AM, Carlos Chavez 
> <cursor at telecomabmex.com <mailto:cursor at telecomabmex.com>> wrote:
>         I am still a little confused about how to activate MWI with
>     PJSIP on Asterisk 13.9.1.  I use realtime for configuration.  So
>     far I have tried setting both the mailboxes field on ps_endpoints
>     and the mailboxes field in ps_aors but I cannot get the indicator
>     lamp to blink on any of my phones (Digium, Aastra and Yealink).  I
>     have tried just the number of the mailbox and also adding the context.
>         Any pointers?
> It should work with "mailboxes = <mailbox>@<vm_context>".  Are your 
> phones set to subscribe for MWI or do they expect unsolicited NOTIFYs 
> for MWI?  If you set mailboxes on the endpoint, then you'll be sending 
> unsolicited NOTIFYs but if the phone does subscribe, the subscription 
> request will still work. If specified on the aor, the phone MUST 
> subscribe.  "allow_subscribe = yes" must also be set on the endpoint 
> for the subscribes to succeed.
> Can you tell if the NOTIFY messages are actually going out but maybe 
> being ignored by the phones?
> Since you're using realtime, did you do a "module reload res_pjsip" or 
> restart asterisk after making the database changes?  Just changing the 
> fields in the database won't trigger the MWI code to start sending 
> unsolicited NOTIFYs.
Ok, if I go to the phone configuration and explicitly enable mwi 
subscription it works now (while using mailboxes in the aor). Obviously 
this is a bit of a pain because it means that I have to change all the 
phones configurations (ok, not a pain because of provisioning but I am 
lazy ;) .  All my pre Asterisk 13 installations just work without any 
specific mwi parameter on the phones and I was trying to reproduce that 
same behaviour.  Up until Asterisk 11 all my phones blink when there is 
a VM waiting and since we moved to 13 and PJSIP that is the only thing 
we were missing.

Thank you for the solution.

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