[asterisk-users] Asterisk Fax Receive - how to get the remoteheader?

Yves yves030 at gmx.de
Sat Dec 17 14:30:36 CST 2016


I am using asterisk 11.8 in combination with spandsp to send and receive 
T38 Faxes. All works fine, but I do not know
how to get the remoteheader from the fax I receive.

When I send a fax, there are Faxopts to set the localstationid and the 
headerinfo, but for receiving, there seems to only exist
the Faxopts remotestationid

but for sure on any fax I receive there is a remoteheaderinfo besides 
the remotestationid... it is on the tiff-file, but I need this
info in a channel-variable...

Does anybody know how to get the remoteheaderinfo for a received fax?



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