[asterisk-users] Asterisk 11 with Dovecot IMAP Email

Tammy Firefly tammy-lists at wiztech.biz
Fri Dec 16 14:42:24 CST 2016

Hi all,
Has anyone gotten dovecot 2.2 working with the asterisk 11 imap
voicemail system?  I can login via thunderbird or telnet to the imap
server just fine.

The below is logged:

[Dec 16 13:35:47] ERROR[17285]: app_voicemail.c:3176 mm_log: IMAP Error:
Can't open mailbox
invalid remote specification
[Dec 16 13:35:47] ERROR[17285]: app_voicemail.c:2906 init_mailstream:
Can't connect to imap server
[Dec 16 13:35:47] ERROR[17285]: app_voicemail.c:2424 __messagecount:
Houston we have a problem - IMAP mailstream is NULL

As of now its not even sending a imap request to dovecot.

I am using a master user which I can successfully login as.  Ive tried
specifying individual usernames/passwords in the voicemail.conf file.
This doesnt work either.


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