[asterisk-users] app_queue missed calls per agent - caller hangup before timeout

marek cervenka cervajs2 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 07:26:21 CST 2016


i'm trying get report about missed calls per agent. i'm using queue_log 
but i found problem described here


RINGNOANSWER only happens if the call TIMES OUT ringing the agent and it 
returns to the queue. If your agent has a 30 second timeout and the 
caller ABANDONS the call in 5 seconds it will log an ABANDON not a 

This is the only time ast_queue_log is executed with RINGNOANSWER. The 
subsequent code of this function goes on to autopause the agent/member 
if autopause is enabled. Not something that happens when callers hang up 
when ringing the agents.

/*! \brief RNA == Ring No Answer. Common code that is executed when we 
try a queue member and they don't answer. */
static void rna(int rnatime, struct queue_ent *qe, char *interface, char 
if (option_verbose > 2)
ast_verbose( VERBOSE_PREFIX_3 "Nobody picked up in %d ms\n", rnatime);
ast_queue_log(qe->parent->name, qe->chan->uniqueid, membername, 
"RINGNOANSWER", "%d", rnatime);

any tips howto detect missed calls where caller hangup before timeout?

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