[asterisk-users] Asterisk versions supporting Path header?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Dec 14 06:54:49 CST 2016

The bug tracker includes several issues relating to Path (RFC 3327)
support.  It is not clear which version actually included the patch and
which versions are working.

Could anybody update these issues in Jira with a brief comment about the
supported versions?

   original patch against chan_sip / Asterisk 1.8
   Status is "Fixed", but not version is recorded,
   which version was this merged in?

   chan_pjsip Path support
   Satus is Fixed for v12.1.0
   - is that only for chan_pjsip, or is Path also
     supported in chan_sip in any versions up to 12.1.0?

   Path header ignored (looks like a regression?)
   reported for 13.6.0 - which is the last version where it did work?

   "add Path header support to chan_sip"
   Internal Jira link - does this issue contain any further
   details about the versions supported?

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