[asterisk-users] Removing mailbox and password prompt for voicemail

Dave Platt dplatt at radagast.org
Mon Aug 1 12:39:19 CDT 2016

> I am using ODBC realtime storage with Asterisk. Currently, with no password
> set, a user can dial the voicemail number to retrieve their own voicemail,
> without needing to enter a password (without hearing the password prompt).
> However, there is still a 'mailbox' prompt played, and if a different
> mailbox number is entered after this prompt, then a password can be entered
> (if set) which intrudes into the other person's mailbox. I want to remove
> this 'mailbox' prompt so that users won't have this opportunity to access
> another person's mailbox.

So... I think you've been given all of the necessary elements to a
solution which will allow you to do this, while still maintaining
adequate voicemail security.

(1) Set up an inbound voicemail mailbox (you've already done this).

(2) Set up a strong, non-guessable password on the mailbox.  This
    will allow you to access the mailbox remotely, if you wish
    (by using the "* during the mailbox's greeting" feature)
    without allowing random callers to break into the mailbox.

(3) Set up a custom dialplan context for those phones that you
    wish to give "password-less" access to the mailbox.

(4) In this context, add an extension which, when dialed, runs
    the VoiceMailMain() application, specifying the correct
    mailbox identifier for those phones, and including the "s"
    option (which will bypass the password prompt).

(5) In sip.conf, place each of these phones into this custom
    dialplan context.

(6) If desired, record a different voicemail greeting message
    in place of the "Camedian mail", convert to the correct
    format, and place into your voice-prompts directory.

(7) Do a "dialplan reload" and "sip reload".

Voila.  You're done.  From any of these phones you'll be able
to dial the extension you added in step (4), and go right to the
voicemail "You have NNN new messages" greeting and the menu.  No
password required.

You'll also be able to access your voicemail remotely (and safely)
by dialing one of these extensions, waiting for the "Please leave
a message" greeting, and hitting "*", and then entering the

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