[asterisk-users] Single SIP User on multiple location

Jamie Rees jrees at gmlnt.com
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Hi Avanish, 

Have you tried simply configuring two phones with the same extension? 

Do you have a Hosted Asterisk platform, or is it in-house? You’d need to set up a VPN between each site and the site hosting the Asterisk, as well as a L2TP VPN between the mobile/cell and site, unless you’re happy having SIP open to the world via port forwarding (really not recommended)

Please provide some more info as to your set up and we’ll be able to make some recommendations. 



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Hello group!
Now I’m trying to solve following problem. I have a requirement that each employee should have SIP phone at home, SIP phone in office, cell phone with same user.
I want all those 3 phones to be “one extension”. So, if someone calls our company number and dials my extension - I’d like 3 phones to ring at the same time.
e.g. Extension 555 for all the places and when anyone dial the extension 555 then it should ring at all the places simultaneously and user can pick any extension as desired.
Help Please.



Thanks & Regards.

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