[asterisk-users] Asterisk as "Proxy" and more device for a number

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Wed May 27 15:42:30 CDT 2015

> Maybe I got it...
> I installed an asterisk on a VM with Ubuntu 10.04 and I got it 
connecting to
> another Test-VM with AsteriskNOW and with an italian VoIP-provider.
> The very difficult was to understand, that my phone just can manage ONE
> profile at time, so I had to configure Asterisk to receive all calls 
from the
> different providers an send them ONE profile (on my phone).
> Next step is to configure Asterisk for the other phone (for my wife) and
> having all calls of her number forwarded to my phone and her phone.
> Next step again is to manage outgoing calls going to the right provider.
> Then it would be nice if I can forward calls from a phone to the other.
> Last but not least, I need to use HylaFAX on an account on Asterisk.
> I had many problems with T38Modem, so I'll try with IAXModem, maybe I'll 
> it...

Glad you have it working. You should only need one Asterisk server to do 
what you want unless you just want to have one with the GUI and one for 
testing purposes. I would recommend starting with something newer than 
Ubuntu 10.04 as it is pretty much at its end of life. 14.04 would be a 
better choice at this point.

Regardless of how you end up directing your incoming calls, that KE1020A 
phone is pretty old and it might be worthwhile to see about upgrading it 
to something newer. The Thomson ST2022 you have does seem to have the 
capability to have two lines on it. Haven't used one before, so hard to 
say how good it handles that. Whatever you do, though, having two 
identical phones will be helpful to you (and your wife) as you won't have 
to try to remember how each phone works and troubleshooting problems is 
easier if you can look at a phone that is working of the same model.

There are a couple of ways you can approach directing your calls to the 
right outgoing provider. One would be to have two separate lines on your 
phone and just pick which one you want to use that will direct all calls 
to the right provider. If your calls follow a pattern (i.e. calls to this 
country go to this provider and calls to that country to to the other 
provider), you can have Asterisk recognize the pattern and automatically 
direct the calls for you. This is nice as others won't have to remember 
which line to use.

Asterisk has built in forwarding capabilities by dialing the right feature 
code during a call to initiate a forward to another extension. Many phones 
also have this feature built in. I use Polycom phones and can transfer 
calls just by hitting the transfer button and dialing who I want to 
transfer to.

I have used the HylaFax/IAXModem solution with a client and it worked 
fairly well. I will warn you that faxes over VoIP connections are 
inherently worse than over a regular phone line. They can be made to be 
almost as good or they can just be horrible, but either way, faxing is no 
fun, especially considering that the problems can be caused before the fax 
ever reaches your system. Hopefully your provider supports T.38 properly, 
in which case faxing will be much nicer.
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